A "Menagerie" is a "strange or diverse collection of people or things"... "Sock Puppet" just sounds cool”

— Unknown

Project Name

The Sock Puppet Menagerie was created by three musical friends who, after years of playing several different styles of music including priase, rock and roll and country, got together to play jazz. Besides doing jazz standards and favorites, the Sock Puppets completed their first CD project in 2016. They perform a few times a year and are again in 2018 working on additional original smooth jazz material.

A typical Sock Puppet Menagerie set would include popular tunes from George Benson, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, Bill Withers, Steely Dan and Ray Charles as well as several original jazz tunes!

The Sock Puppets are made up of:

John Grosz - Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals

Tyson Conn - Drums and percussion

Chris White - Bass and Keyboards

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Sample Track

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