A "Menagerie" is defined as a "strange or diverse collection of people or things"... 
That is what you have when you combine a  rock and roll drummer, a church playing bassist, and a country guitarist. 
These 3 musicians came together  for one reason, and that is to play smooth jazz, jazz standards, and to write their own jazz tunes!!
The end result is truly a "labor of love", and great fun for this trio.
Oh and "Sock Puppet"? That just makes them sound cool. 

Our CD is done!! 

The Sock Puppets are proud to announce our first cd is recorded, mastered, printed and ready for you to enjoy!!
Ten original songs written by the Sock Puppets and one fun "cover" song taken directly from our play list!!
Available for $10! 
Buy several, they make great Christmas gifts.

Sock Puppets play East Bank Art Gallery! 

February 6, as part of "First Friday" activities, the Sock Puppets played a fun show at the East Bank Art Gallery!! We had a great time playing a few original tunes for the first time ever and a great time seemed to be had by all. We even had a couple "slow dancing" among the art. 
We hope to do this again sometime!!

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